Come For The Fitness, Stay For The Breakthrough!

All classes offer constantly varied, high intensity (determined by yourself with a little push from the coaches) – functional movement programming.

Our programming is beneficial for all individuals no matter your current fitness level.

Take advantage of cutting-edge Group Fitness Classes like:

FIT: Imagine a little bit of weight lifting, a little bit of boot camp, some high intensity workouts for the more yippy-ki-yah group and always core.

FIT BALANCE: Geared toward a less intense exercise group with an emphasis on range of motion, cardio, functional resistance exercise, core, and balance – that is a lot to do in one class!

Teen FIT: As teens’ bodies change with puberty, the pressures from school, sports, and peers can become overwhelming. We provide a safe but challenging training environment emphasizing the basics of weight lifting and conditioning. We demand a high level of focus, respect, and determination. We believe this training prepares teens for many aspects of hard work in life as they go on to develop careers, raise families, serve our communities and country. Additionally, this program will meet and exceed specific benchmarks needed for entry-level military or sports conditioning.

Kid FIT: A program designed for developing children to teach proper movement patterns as they prepare for sports and physical activities. Children require unique programming for specific age groups as their growth plates are still open and their neuro-muscular systems are adapting. Workouts involve running, jumping, cutting, body weight, and light use of equipment to strengthen the muscles and adapt the nervous system for coordination and agility. Kids’ FIT will be overseen by a DPT trained in pediatric sports conditions.


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