Welcome To KIDS FIT

Is your kid being bullied? Do you struggle to get your kid to be active? Tired of handing over money for programs they don’t enjoy? Or has your kid been interested in fitness?

If the answer is yes, then our unique kids fitness class is perfect for your child!

Our program is designed and overseen by a Doctor of Physical Therapy

Kids FIT Is Giving Our Youth A Sense Of Confidence And Pride!

Unique programming for specific age groups as their growth plates are still open and their neuro-muscular systems are adapting.

A chance to teach kids and teens the joy of movement in a fun, encouraging, and professional environment. Workouts involve running, jumping, cutting, body weight and light use of equipment to strengthen the muscles and adapt the nervous system for coordination and agility.

Classes offered at the same time as adult classes so that KID can move at the same time as Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa are moving.


Group Fitness

Private Coaching

Physical Therapy