We let our core values encourage everything we do in business and in life. Our clients feel the benefits of our personalized approach to creating a lifestyle transformation.



  • Respect each other, respect the programs, respect the equipment, respect the vision


  • Attaining your role in the vision, not less, not more


  • Without the desire to be a part of the community, we lose our impact on our community


FIT is a constant in an ever-changing market and we’re KILLING IT. As new fads come out and proclaim an “easy fix,” we’ll continue to stay at the front of the pack – continuing to give the highest level of expertise to those who truly wish to be helped and make a real and lasting change.

Our possibilities are only limited by the amount of hours in a day.



  • We know what it takes to be an elite athlete and the amount of time it requires to excel. But let’s be honest, 99.9% of us are not going to be a pro athlete at age 30. That ship has sailed. On the other hand, there is nothing like feeling athletic and part of a team. That is the type of fitness we encourage at FIT. We want to raise your daily fitness level in the context of team or community so that your normal day does not become your maximum fitness level. Something as simple as giving your teammate and coach a high-five after a training session can give you the confidence to pursue a fuller life. Oh, by the way if you want to turn pro, we also have the personnel to get you to that level in our one-on-one sessions.


  • Our dream is to bring the gift of functional movement to everyone in our local marketplace. Ou tagline is “The Art of the Possible”. Given the knowledge within our gym community, the only thing that keeps someone from movement is the lack of imagination. There are a number of offerings within the gym that are related to the specialty of the in-clinic therapist. For example, programs like Bridging Bionics, Parkinson Classes, Adaptive Athlete programs, or Senior FIT. All of these offerings are Not For Profit to our organization and are supported by the FOR profit operations of the gym and clinic. The resources associated with these programs serve to enhance the wellness program offered to our members. In addition the resources associated with the gym and clinic serve to enhance the Not For Profit programs. Our commitment and goal is to provide our members, and even the community at large, with the resources to help them be resilient against injury and move through a possible injury. Our status as movement experts allows up to be un-matched in the marketplace. Because of the level of education, we have the resources to debunk the myths, gain access to the other professionals, and open doors that other gyms have to read from a book, watch over a video, attend a conference or listen to in a podcast. Our level of knowledge is measured in degrees, not certifications.


  • The physical therapy clinic is a thriving facility with multiple DPT’s, assistants, and administrative staff who all operate as a cohesive team in order to best serve the patient and represent the field of physical therapy. The PT clinic is connected to the gym but is visually separated. The therapists wear multiple hats as treating clinicians, coaches, and ambassadors in the community furthering the vision of the overall health of our local Communities. The goal of the clinic is to offer continued Physical Therapy after a patient has reached their insurance requirements as well as providing “Direct Access” for individuals who need better access to Therapists without the hassles of insurance. We have several branches to the Direct Access clinic and the therapists as they desire: general orthopedics, pediatrics and adolescent sports training, sports performance, and bridging bionics/neurological rehabilitation. More than half of our clients are cash-based and very little of our clients desire to submit paperwork after treatment. The DPT’s are active in the community periodically hosting events, seminars, community events, and are on faculty at local colleges teaching when appropriate. Direct Access is seen as the premier PT practice for post-rehab conditioning and progression and has referral sources from other PT clinics as well as other medical professionals. Direct Access employs the most innovative and evidence-based techniques and practices to best serve our patients and clients.


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